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Pipe Supports - Pipe clamps - CNC Plasma cutting

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CNC Plasma Cutting

BH Steel Pro Bucket Fabrication

Custom Manufacturing

BH Steel Pro - CNC Plasma Cutting - Drafting - Specialized Welding

Large pipe bases manufactured here

Manufactured Base

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Massive Pipe Support

BH Steel Pro - Pipe Clamp Fabrication - Big or Small

Large Custom Clamps made here

Pipe Clamps

Anvil pipe clamps made here

Anvil Clamps

Custom pipe clamps made here

Grinnel Clamps 2 1/2 X 24"

Custom pipe manufacturing

6 inch Pipe Shoe

BH Steel Pro - Engineered Pipe Supports

Steel products for the Peace River Country

Engineered Heavy Pipe Supports and Custom Welding

Custom welding Grande Prairie Alberta

BH Steel Pro Shop - Plasma Cutting Table

BH Steel Pro Plasma Cutting table Alberta

BH Steel Pro Shop - Custom Welding

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We build everything in house to keep costs to a minimum

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